How We Work
Beginning the Process:

1) After filling our online "Schedule an Appointment" form, we will contact you to gather additional information.  Based on the scope of your project, we will determine if an in-home consultation or a showroom consultation would be the first step.  Please note - all property owners must be present at each consultation.

2) AFTER our initial meeting, and upon having all cabinet, countertop and hardware selections, as well as all photos, measurements, appliance specs, and your budget, our team will begin to create your custom design and quote. 

3) Once completed, a 1-hour consultation will be scheduled at our showroom to review and discuss your custom design and quote.  Please note that all property owners are required to attend.

4) If changes are necessary, one free design revision and a newly created second quote will be completed within 5-10 business days. Another appointment will be scheduled to review the new information.  This appointment will be a 30-60 minute consultation between your designer and all property owners.

5) Additional consultation, custom design and quotes are $85/hour with a 1 hour minimum.


Moving Forward: 

1) Upon signing a contract and making the first payment, the client will receive rough conceptual sketches.


2) An updated final measure of the project space may be required at this time.  Based on final measurements, the final design will be created as well as the final contract price. *NOTE: Any modifications or changes in measurements may affect price.    
All Retainer Fee's, if applicable, will be credited toward the final payment of this project upon the client moving forward with the entire project.    Additional consultation, custom design and quote fees are non-refundable. 
Your signature below will be your acceptance of the above terms and conditions.     
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